Amateur Radio

My amateur radio callsign is DF2iR.

Somebody who is working as an amateur radio operator has the possibility to speak via shortwave, VHF, SHF or satellites with other radio amateurs around the world. Speaking must not be a real voice. It could be a morse code, digital data, pictures, teletyping or something else too. On the other hand there is a wide range to make experiments via shortwave, VHF, SHF and so on up to 250 GHz. The regulation for amateur radio stations are based on an international telecommunication contract.

For example, look onto my 500 THz Amateur Radio Transceiver (push the button at the left side).

I hold the amateur radio training callsign DN1iR.
This call allows under special conditions people to operate without an amateur radio license. However, I have to supervise the activity.
The call DN1iR is valid in Germany only.


The software helps to speed up your CW. Before you start to work with this software you must understand CW code by listening. The software runs on Windows2000, XP, Vista and may be on some other systems. I tested the program on 2000, XP and Vista Home Premium. The program is written in C# 2005 Express (C-Sharp). If you need the source code, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please feel free to download "" by clicking on the link below. Unzip the file and click on "setup.exe". The installer downloads the necessary dotNet 2.0 version and the language pack. I do not know for what the language pack in necessary. In your program list (Start > Programs, see below) you will find a label called "Blaumilch". Sorry for that, it is based on the name I gave to my development computer. Run the program by clicking on CW-Training.

As usual, that piece of software and all other software or information on my page is at it is. If you use the software or information, you do it on your own risk. The author is not responsible for any influence, damaging or other insufficiency. The CW-Training software is free for amateur radio purpose.

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